Pays to Stay Local

Think about it: would you want $13 or $45? For most people, that is a "no-brainer." Still, we have people shopping at the big box stores taking no thought for how it affects the community feel of our neighborhood.

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Boneless<br>Pork Loin Roast

Pork Loin Roast

$2.99 lb.
Choice<br>Navel Oranges​

Navel Oranges​

69¢ lb.
Keebler 6.6-15 oz.<br>Select Varieties<br>Fudge Shoppe Cookies

Keebler 6.6-15 oz.
Select Varieties
Fudge Shoppe Cookies

Delicious Bone-In<br>Spiral Sliced Ham

Delicious Bone-In
Spiral Sliced Ham

$1.89 lb.
Boneless Beef<br>New York Roast

Boneless Beef
New York Roast

$4.99 lb.
DiGiorno or CPK<br>5.5-10.1 oz.<br>Select Varieties<br>Frozen Pizza

DiGiorno or CPK
5.5-10.1 oz.
Select Varieties
Frozen Pizza


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About our store

Benedicts Market

Serving Bridger Valley Since 1938

Benedict's Market has been serving the Bridger Valley for 75 years. With our commitment to fresh foods and exceptional service you know you are getting a first-class experience each time you step foot in our store.

Our commitment is not confined to the walls of our building, as we support many community events, schools and various other charitable organizations.

Fresh Food Everywhere

To eat right and stay fit, look to fresh produce as the answer for your nutritional needs. We go to great lengths to carry only the finest fruits and vegetables and to deliver them in the same excellent condition as when they were picked.

You demand and deserve the best in meat, poultry and seafood. Our fresh meat department is designed to satisfy even the most discriminating guests and ensure their satisfaction.

Western Family

Since 1934, Western Family has had a prominent place at America's tables. Western Family has had a tradition of excellent products and a heritage of healthy solutions for every family. When guests purchase Western Family products, they know they're getting great quality at a terrific value. In fact, if they are not completely satisfied with any Western Family item, they can return it and receive double their money back.